New Home Renovation TV Show Casting Call

A new Home Renovation TV Show is in the works. I received an email from Rick Spence, a producer of this new TV program that will “follow the trials and joys of home renovation”.

If you are planning a home renovation project and would like to be part of this show, read on:

Here is the info I received from the producer:

Are You Renovating? A Bathroom? A Kitchen? Your Whole House?

The How To Channel is currently looking for homeowners to feature a premiere Australian program showcasing real renovation stories.
If you are undertaking a renovation in Sydney starting in December / January for completion in early March and would like to be considered, then send us a description of your renovation plans and your reason for undertaking the renovation as well as 3 photos of your house, and one of your family.
Send all enquiries to

Here is a link to some info on the website at the How To Channel on

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    i do like home improvement shows, i know they have been around for ages but i love getting new ideas for my home and im always buying new stuff to make my house look pretty, sadly i live in the uk

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    A good home renovation project is very rewarding when completed well. Thanks for the news.

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    Have you heard any more about this show? I think I have a few clients who might be interested.

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