DIY Mitre Saw Stand

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No Cost Mitre Saw Bench I’ve had my Ryobi Sliding Compound Mitre Saw for a few years now. It usually just sat loose on an old bench. When I needed it I just moved it around, to where ever there was a handy, clean space and cut what I needed. The problem with this loose […]

Construction Site Safety Tips

Construction Site Safety small

Worried about the safety on your construction site? There are so many hazards that it can be hard to keep up with everything all of the time. The best thing you can do to ensure safety is use common sense and have strong communication skills. Below are some safety tips to help protect the workers […]

Tips for Buying Welding Equipment

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Welding is the practice of fusing two metals together by heating them at their melting point. Most people probably haven’t considered how much of the world around them is welded. But without the practice of welding, there would be no cars on the roads, and many of the fences, gates and buildings we see wouldn’t […]

How to Cut Popsicle Sticks

Cut Popsicle sticks

I came across an interesting little problem the other day while working on a project for my daughter. I was making a model stable, and wanted to have the cool barn doors that were split in half. They are actually called “Dutch Doors“. Also I wanted the back of the doors to have the angled […]