How to Cut Popsicle Sticks

Cut Popsicle sticks

I came across an interesting little problem the other day while working on a project for my daughter. I was making a model stable, and wanted to have the cool barn doors that were split in half. They are actually called “Dutch Doors“. Also I wanted the back of the doors to have the angled […]

Ozito Electric Chainsaw Sharpener – Product Review


Ozito Electric Chainsaw Sharpener This is one of those power tools that I have been thinking about buying for a few years now, but I never got around to it until now. It just seemed easier to pay $10 – $15 each time and just have someone else sharpen my chainsaw chains for me. However, […]

A foolproof guide to DIY renovations


If you feel that your home needs a fresh look, DIY renovations offer a budget-friendly way for you to achieve this goal. However, doing a renovation without the help of a contractor can be a difficult and frustrating process if you’re not properly prepared. Here are some valuable tips for getting ready before you take […]

How to Build Wood Pallet Furniture Projects

wood pallets furniture

Using recycled material to build furniture isn’t a new concept by any means, But with the seemingly endless availability of wood pallets, the DIY Wood Pallet Furniture craze has gained an incredible amount of interest in recent years. I personally have only recently started using recycled wood from pallets and packing crates for furniture, and […]

How to Build a DIY Workbench

workbench diy feature

This DIY workbench is something I just found at, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a pretty nice unit when it comes to size, functionality, sturdiness and it’s also a do-it-yourself woodwork project. Now this is the first time I have ever visited this site. With a name like “Popular Mechanics” I imagined it […]